Week 12 and 10 o’clock Rehearsal

This week was super stressful, but I think it payed off.  The first show was this week but honestly I was just so tired that I could barely function for anything other than those 2 hours. So yeah, here goes (I can't do emojis but imagine there's a grimace here): Monday was the start of what seemed to… Continue reading Week 12 and 10 o’clock Rehearsal


Week 11 and Yelling

My ears hurt this week, between being yelled at at rehearsal and yelling at myself at home (…yeah).  So, lets just jump in to it: Monday we had a dance rehearsal, and there's not much I can talk about because I don't really remember.  But if I just say blah blah blah, I'll put up… Continue reading Week 11 and Yelling

Week 10 and Sickness (or Some Other Stupid Title)

This week kind of sucked, because I got sick on Wednesday and Thursday, so I'm tired again this week, but not ass tired as last week, at least not tired enough to make an entire post about it.  This week's theme is about how I was sick (very different). Monday I realized that this week… Continue reading Week 10 and Sickness (or Some Other Stupid Title)

Week 9 and Too Much Rehearsal

And we're back, welcome to your regular blog post casually written (not stressfully typed an hour before the due date) by me.  I am so tired, so very tired (and yeah that's our theme for this post).  Now here. We. Go. So I had rehearsal on Monday, when I didn't even have school, so that… Continue reading Week 9 and Too Much Rehearsal

Week 6 and Ramping Up

This is the week before Spring Break, so Otto and Christina and Jon are all preparing for us to forget everything they taught us over the 10 days we're gone.  This week will be very difficult.  Here we go: On Monday, there was a dance and a vocal rehearsal (separate, for now).  In dance, we… Continue reading Week 6 and Ramping Up

Week 5 and Promoting the Show

So this week is mainly centered around photos and also I have to go to rehearsal on Saturday (ugh).  But, since there will be many photos taken, I might be able to post some good ones (yay).  So, here we go: On Monday, half the cast had head shots taken (the other half will have… Continue reading Week 5 and Promoting the Show

Week 4, Where Nothing Really Happens (or So I Thought)

Hello everyone, I'm not sure if it's unprofessional to address my audience, but I can't stop now, can I?  If I stop now, how else will I provide the much needed humor that keeps the one person who comments and reads my posts coming back (looking at you Sharp).  Now to get to telling you… Continue reading Week 4, Where Nothing Really Happens (or So I Thought)

Week 3 of Bullets Over Broadway and Blocking the Show

Welcome back to the blog, I hope you enjoy the lack of content I'll be posting this week. I sure hope this week will be fun, because if you couldn't tell or didn't know what I meant (blocking means putting together scenes), we are blocking parts of the show this week (specifically on Monday and… Continue reading Week 3 of Bullets Over Broadway and Blocking the Show