Week 1a and What Am I Going to Write About?

So the shows are over, and now I'm not sure what I'll do with my life, I completed my AP tests, and now all that's left to tether me to reality is this blog (but let's be honest, it really isn't tethering me to anything except an anchor that drags me to the bottom of… Continue reading Week 1a and What Am I Going to Write About?


Spring Break (I Have No Idea What to Write)

For this week I'm not in school, and if you can't tell by the title, it's because I'm in spring break (c'mon guys, keep up).  So this post will be all about the set, building set, using the set, holding the set, loving the set, dreaming of the set, becoming the set (well that came out… Continue reading Spring Break (I Have No Idea What to Write)

Auditions for Bullets Over Broadway!

 At Santa Barbara High School (hereafter abbreviated as SBHS because that's too many words) the theatre department has three shows per year.  Auditions for the third one are this week.  "Bullets Over Broadway" was a movie released in 1994 and directed by Woody Allen, it won one Oscar (best supporting actress for Diane Wiest) and… Continue reading Auditions for Bullets Over Broadway!