drewes-final-8x10-v2-05-26-15-copy-1-version-2Hi, my name is Drewes.  This blog is a compilation of my experiences in and out of the theater of Santa Barbara High School while also having to keep up with homework, having a social life, sleeping regularly, having five honors classes, and writing a *ahem* blog.

I am a sophomore at SBHS and in the MAD (Multimedia Art and Design) Academy, which is why I’m writing this blog.  Honestly, I’m just a teenager trying to survive the wonderful education system of the U.S.  I’ve been in theater since Kindergarten, but just started doing shows that were somewhat professional last year.

So yeah, that’s me, just a teenager in a theater, and if  you wanted proof:img_1872Feel free to leave a comment about your theater experiences if I ever post something you can relate to, I’d love to hear about the theater in your community.