The Final Post

Last week I didn’t know that this week’s post would be my final one but here we are.  I’d like to say that I had a wonderful time writing this blog, that I loved reading everyone’s comments one my posts saying how much they loved to read my posts or sharing their experiences, that I became wildly successful because of this semester-long stint on, but I didn’t.  The last time someone other then a bot came across my page was probably a month and a half ago, I can’t even get my own girlfriend to read this anymore, and I’ve just been putting less and less effort into it anymore (that’s why there are less of these stupid jokes.  Half the time I was writing my rehearsal posts, I couldn’t remember which day I did which thing (never intentionally lying, just guessing 😉 ).  I don’t know why I’m writing this, I just figured I would get it off of my chest before this site gets lost in the deep web.  Every once in a while, my jokes would get too harsh on certain parties involved in the creation of my blog, end my parents intervened to get me to change it before the real censorship committee came around.  (Let’s see what else to write about, I have no idea how many times I’ve made a joke about the word count of my posts)  The RCC (because another acronym is too obvious) probably never actually read any of my posts, honestly all they did was just “check” my word count and my images.

Thank you to my emotional support

Well this new paragraph is because I’m writing this on another day and I don’t remember what I was talking about (plus I’m too lazy to re-read it).  I wish I wasn’t afraid of being found out because then I could be more honest with all of you bots guys.

So today is probably the last day I will touch this site, so thanks for not caring about it at all.

[DISCLAIMER: don’t worry, this isn’t a suicide note]

I only have to write nine more words, done.


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