Shows: The Second Weekend

The second weekend of shows was also very good.  Everything went generally well even though we had to let the seniors go.

On Thursday we had a brush up rehearsal, and we ran through the entire show in about an hour, whereas it takes two and a half when we actually do it.  We didn’t do any of the solo or duet numbers, and only really did ensemble ones if there was dialogue.  We mainly focused on dialogue and didn’t do any set moving.  Otto kept yelling at me to “be more in the scene” (you know, when no one else was “in the scene”, but whatever).  Everyone just wanted to go home so they sped the dialogue a lot in order to do so.

Friday was a tired show because we were still getting back into the swing of things and we were just tired (wow, I wonder why that became a tired show Drewes).  I don’t remember the aftershave, but it was probably funny.  At the end of the show (literally the bows), the curtain got wrapped around a light and caught on fire so then there was a huge hole in the curtain for the rest on the shows, it got clipped together on the back with huge clamps.

Saturday matinee was more energetic then Friday, but it wasn’t as energetic as a normal show because it was a matinee.  Like I’ve said before (and I’m going to say it again because I have a set number of words I have to write), matinees are usually lower energy because the cast is saving their energy for the night show.  The night show was good, the aftershave was “Brooklyn Pansies” which got a pretty good laugh from the audience.  I thought that the show went well, it was a great last night show.

On Sunday we came to the theater early for senior speeches, where all of the seniors talk about their time in theater.  There was lots of crying and hugging and it was a little bit too emotional (ok fine i shed ONE tear ok).  It was really sad.  The show was almost secondary to the seniors this time but honestly I think because of that it was one of our best shows.  The aftershave this time was “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, a reference to our last show, “Young Frankenstein”.  At the end of the show Otto had a ceremony for all of the seniors and gave them diplomas for graduating from the theater.

The End

I just want to say thank you to everyone leaving the theater this year, Cai, Elias, Ben, Sarina, Will, Joe, Dan, and Hazel.  You guys were amazing directors and leaders, singers and dancer, actors and actresses.  I lover you all so much.


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