Shows: The First Weekend

So we opened last weekend, and I had an amazing time.  We had three shows, two night shows on Friday and Saturday and a matinee on Saturday.  The night shows were at 7 and the matinee was at 2.  The Friday show was the inaugural swim in the canal.  Hearing the cheering of a ton of people for the death of a random anonymous human being is a rare sound that is extremely exhilarating (wow, dark).

The worst things that happened in the Friday show was a glass breaking literally 30 seconds after the show started, and Cole almost sat on a chair that was about to fall off the stage, but was saved by a warning from Cai.  Other then that our first show was awesome.

The Saturday matinee was ok, most matinees are just low energy because we’re saving energy for the night show nothing went wrong technically, but there was a lot less energy then there could’ve been.  The only matinee that is high energy is the weekend 2 Sunday Matinee, because it’s the last show and everyone goes all out because they don’t want it to be over (and maybe if we do a good enough job on the last show they’ll let us do it for another weekend right?).

Saturday night’s biggest mess-up was the Behemoth getting stuck on the back wall, and the people moving it couldn’t figure out how to get it  past without moving it back to its original spot.  Saturday was our best show, at least of this weekend, and I’m  excited to perform again at the next one.

In the end of the show, Cai says that he can smell Cole’s aftershave, and Cai (being the amazing improviser he is) changed it every show.  Friday: New York Sweat, Saturday Matinee was: Peaches and Cream, Saturday night was: Tropical Guava.

We have a brush-up rehearsal on Thursday, then 4 show over the next weekend, Friday and Saturday night and Saturday and Sunday Matinee.  (You may have noticed that there wasn’t many jokes in this post, or maybe you didn’t, no one reads my blog anyways, and that’s because I’m exhausted)


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