The Final Post

Last week I didn't know that this week's post would be my final one but here we are.  I'd like to say that I had a wonderful time writing this blog, that I loved reading everyone's comments one my posts saying how much they loved to read my posts or sharing their experiences, that I… Continue reading The Final Post


Week 1a and What Am I Going to Write About?

So the shows are over, and now I'm not sure what I'll do with my life, I completed my AP tests, and now all that's left to tether me to reality is this blog (but let's be honest, it really isn't tethering me to anything except an anchor that drags me to the bottom of… Continue reading Week 1a and What Am I Going to Write About?

Shows: The Second Weekend

The second weekend of shows was also very good.  Everything went generally well even though we had to let the seniors go. On Thursday we had a brush up rehearsal, and we ran through the entire show in about an hour, whereas it takes two and a half when we actually do it.  We didn't… Continue reading Shows: The Second Weekend

Shows: The First Weekend

So we opened last weekend, and I had an amazing time.  We had three shows, two night shows on Friday and Saturday and a matinee on Saturday.  The night shows were at 7 and the matinee was at 2.  The Friday show was the inaugural swim in the canal.  Hearing the cheering of a ton… Continue reading Shows: The First Weekend