Week 12 and 10 o’clock Rehearsal

This week was super stressful, but I think it payed off.  The first show was this week but honestly I was just so tired that I could barely function for anything other than those 2 hours. So yeah, here goes (I can’t do emojis but imagine there’s a grimace here):

Monday was the start of what seemed to be a pretty bad week, and it would stay that way until Friday at 3 o’clock, but I’ll get to that (what is this, “How I Met Your Mother”?).  We ran through the first act (and I can never guess whether to capitalize that or not), and I was not excited to perform at the end of the week.

Tuesday we went through the Second Act (Capitalization Or Not? Comment Below).  It didn’t go very well, people missed entrances, glass broke, set changes were late and there were ton of other problems.  I was not happy with our product at this point, but the worst part was that we had to stay until 10pm, and I was so tired, but I still had to go home and do homework.

Wednesday went better and worse, it went better in the sense that people were better with entrances, less glass broke, and the set changes were better.  It was worse in that a few people almost got killed (and one of the few was me.  Basically, in the back of the stage, there are 2 sliding doors that we use to cover up the movement of sets, in this run-through, the “Behemoth” (our pet name for the lovely 18-20 foot tall monstrosity that is our stage-on-stage / backstage-on-stage), bumped into one of the doors.  I was about 3 feet away from being crushed by a 25 foot wall.  This rehearsal lasted 7 hours, 1 more hour than the entire school day.

Thursday we had a non-stop preview of the entire show, basically just for grandparents and younger siblings.  It went much better, and things were looking up for “Bullets Over Broadway”.  Again, 10 o’clock.

Friday at 3 o’clock.  The moment you all been waiting for (probably not but a guy can dream), that was when the canal came up.  The canal is the most amazing, hype-creating set piece I have ever had the experience of working with.  It gets the biggest reactions from crowds and makes this one of the first high school theater shows I know of to have a splash zone.

And kids, that is how I met your mother.


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