Week 11 and Yelling

My ears hurt this week, between being yelled at at rehearsal and yelling at myself at home (…yeah).  So, lets just jump in to it:

Monday we had a dance rehearsal, and there’s not much I can talk about because I don’t really remember.  But if I just say blah blah blah, I’ll put up my word count up. 

Tuesday we worked on the scenes in the second act, and no one could shut up (there were other words I would put here but I’d probably lose points on this post, think of the children).  So we got yelled at half the time and it was boring and annoying.

Wednesday we had a vocal review, and I feel like we’re pretty close to being finished, but we need to keep reviewing and reviewing, since we open in a week.

On Thursday we ran Act 1, but I had to miss an hour because I was in a review for AP tests, something I should be doing right now but I have to write a blog post, don’t I?  It went pretty badly to be honest, but it’ll get better.

On Friday we had a vocal review.  Then we ran through Act 2, which went much better then the first act, which was surprising, because it’s usually the other way around.  After rehearsal on Friday, most of the guys in the cast went to Elvis’ house for a poker night, which was some of the most fun I’ve had this year, and it was a great way to end the week.


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