Week 10 and Sickness (or Some Other Stupid Title)

Ready to start

This week kind of sucked, because I got sick on Wednesday and Thursday, so I’m tired again this week, but not ass tired as last week, at least not tired enough to make an entire post about it.  This week’s theme is about how I was sick (very different).

Monday I realized that this week wan’t going to go well, I started having a hard time breathing and started coughing up a storm.  It sucked, I was so miserable I don’t even remember what we did for rehearsal (yes, I do, it was a dance rehearsal but dramatic effect ok).

Tuesday I stayed home, and didn’t go to school or rehearsal so there’s not much to talk about (but I have a word count so).  I had a slight fever, a headache basically the entire day, I was coughing, and hacking up a lung (ew gross Drewes).

Wednesday I still stayed home from school but not from rehearsal, which went ok I guess.  We had a some dance rehearsal for “T’aint a Fit Night Out” which probably wasn’t the best thing to do while sick but I fought through it.  It was really fun and I think it’ll look much cooler when it’s lit (not that kind of lit).

Thursday I finally went to school, and I felt much better.  Thursday we did a little bit more blocking which was better for a sick guy like me.

Friday was the beginning of Otto’s (director) and Christina’s (choreographer) freakout.  We had a vocal/dance review and they were just adding so much stuff it was obvious that the next few rehearsals are going to be terrible and more stressful.

Ready to dance

Saturday we had rehearsal for seven hours where we completely threw out the schedule and spent time on only three songs (“T’aint a Fit Night Out”, “Runnin’ Wild – Reprise” and “Yes, We have No Bananas”).  It was the most exhausting (and longest) day of rehearsal we have had for “Bullets Over Broadway” (it sucked).  This Saturday I felt the best physically, but after today I felt the worst mentally.  It was really fun, because the songs we did are really fun to do.


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