Week 9 and Too Much Rehearsal

And we’re back, welcome to your regular blog post casually written (not stressfully typed an hour before the due date) by me.  I am so tired, so very tired (and yeah that’s our theme for this post).  Now here. We. Go.

So I had rehearsal on Monday, when I didn’t even have school, so that sucked.  We did a vocal review and blocked the first scene of the show, which is very complicated (more complicated than imagined).  I was so exhausted and I just wanted to sleep (or die, one of the two).

On Tuesday, rehearsal was cancelled (thank god).  So again, I went to get ice cream (and yes Mr. “Constantine” it was a root beer milkshake), which was really fun, especially since I got to spend time with someone vey special to me (shh you don’t get to know who).  That ended up being the best day of the week for me.

On Wednesday I worked on “There’ll Be Some Changes Made”, where we basically beat up a fat guy for 3 minutes.  It’s a pretty cool song, and I think it’ll be really funny once it’s finished.  Then we had to do a vocal review for way too long, but it was fine I guess.

Thursday I worked on blocking until SIX O’CLOCK (ugghhhhh).  I’m so tired.  So so tired.  I just want to sleep.

I was so very glad the week was almost over because it was Friday, then I remembered, I have rehearsal on Saturday and Sunday.  Friday we had a three hour vocal and dance review.  It was very bland (just like this entire paragraph).

There was a slight break on Saturday for Poster Palooza (I did not choose the name).  We met at one of the cast member’s houses and planned everything.  From there we branched out and started taping and stapling up posters all over town (why don’t you have a scavenger hunt and look for all of them).

On Sunday I cried (wait, I had rehearsal first, better talk about that).  We worked from  on a Sunday (I know, right?).  We worked on “T’aint a Fit Night Out”, which I have to (begrudgingly) say, was fun.  Then we finally worked on the end of Act 1 “Runnin’ Wild”.  Finally, to round out the most wonderful week, we had a performance at a local music club to promote the show, where we did songs from “Bullets” and from “Music of the Night”.

Then I cried.


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