Spring Break (I Have No Idea What to Write)

For this week I’m not in school, and if you can’t tell by the title, it’s because I’m in spring break (c’mon guys, keep up).  So this post will be all about the set, building set, using the set, holding the set, loving the set, dreaming of the set, becoming the set (well that came out of nowhere).  Actually, it’ll be about what the set’s gonna be, who’s building, and how I, your hero, have done really nothing to help.

The Proscenium
Ellen’s Bedroom

Understandably, the set is huge, we are building an entire new proscenium (that’s the part of the stage in front of the curtain), there’s an apartment balcony on one side, a warehouse front on the other, a small stage for a play within a play in the back, two movable sets, a bedroom and a living room, and, the pièce de résistance, a pseudo-canal that’ll have water in it the show (and we’re actually going to be dumping people into it).

Continuing on, I play some part in the building of the set, in sixth period, I “manage” the tool room.  In sixth, there are about thirty students (all years, with various amounts of not wanting to be there).  I really don’t do a lot, the instructor, Jonathan (the technical director, very qualified for the job).  All I do during this class is stand backstage, organizing and making sure that no one steals anything (because the stoners of SBHS are going to steal a drill from the theater).

The Tool Room

Kicking off the last production (Music of the Night), I got sent to the back because Jonathan “trusts” me (who does that?) and ever since, I’ve been stuck back there, wasting away.  I get the occasional job, but usually I’m just stuck in the back, keeping track of what people take out and put back in (yay [that’s sarcasm by the way {wait, parenthesis inside parenthesis}]).

Additionally to the set, the walls are supposedly going to be painted with murals of 20s New York, so that the audience will be brought more into the show.

Big Bear

Justifiably, you probably want to know about my spring break (probably not, but I have to get my word count up).  I went to Big Bear this year for spring break.  Big Bear is a small-ish city on Big Bear Lake.  When I was told we were going, I was also told there would be snow (thanks Mom and Dad), there was some, but not enough to make it worthwhile.



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