Week 6 and Ramping Up

This is the week before Spring Break, so Otto and Christina and Jon are all preparing for us to forget everything they taught us over the 10 days we’re gone.  This week will be very difficult.  Here we go:

On Monday, there was a dance and a vocal rehearsal (separate, for now).  In dance, we continued on “T’aint Nobodies Business”, which is literally the only song the guys have worked on, except for one bit part for four of us in “Tiger Rag”.  The upside: we are almost done with it.  There’s only a five second hole that needs to be filled where we don’t have anything to do, so hopefully we’ll be done with it soon.  Then we went down to the vocal room with the rest of the cast and started on the second act, mainly “Runnin’ Wild – Reprise”.

Tuesday there was some rehearsal in fifth period that I wasn’t a part of, but I know it’s just the beginning.  The actual rehearsal I had was blocking Act 1 (finally with ensemble), and practicing “The Hot Dog Song”.  “The Hot Dog Song” is kind of the most iconic songs/costumes from the show, so I’m really happy I get to be a part of it.

Wednesday there was a rehearsal at lunch (again, I wasn’t a part of it).  Then I had some vocal rehearsal with the guys.  After, we continued working on “The Hot Dog Song”, which doesn’t really need much anymore I don’t think (it’s a pretty short song).

Then on Thursday, there was a rehearsal for “Sitting on Top of the World” during seminar, but I was sick so I didn’t go.  I did however here was also one at lunch (not a part of that one).  After school, we started at the beginning of the show and ran as much as we could, but about  a half hour into it, a  couple of guys and I were called for “There’ll Be Some Changes Made”.

On Friday, there was a Vocal and Dance Review (at the same time? Wow, that’s so cool).  I think we’re about half way through, which is pretty good, we have a month left, we should be done by the time we open.

Well, that’s it, I hope your eyes were stimulated by the symbols I pressed onto the screen 25 minutes ago.  I’m going on spring break next week, so no rehearsal, but I’ll be taking about the set, so look forward to that.


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