Week 5 and Promoting the Show

So this week is mainly centered around photos and also I have to go to rehearsal on Saturday (ugh).  But, since there will be many photos taken, I might be able to post some good ones (yay).  So, here we go:

Waiting to take head shots.

On Monday, half the cast had head shots taken (the other half will have them taken on Tuesday).  Then the guys practiced singing (“T’aint Nobodies” and “Runnin’ Wild”).  Then, a few of the guys have a dance part in “Tiger Rag” with the Atta-Girls, so Elvis (Aldo), Cole (Cheech), Cai (Nick Valenti), and I (Rocco, oh wait, I hope you didn’t need to know that).

Actual Hot Dog Song from the Broadway Bullets Over Broadway (hopefully I won’t look like this)

On Tuesday, like I already told you, we took head shots.  Then, a small group (with me included, or else I wouldn’t be writing about it) choreographed “The Hot Dog Song” in which I am in a Hot Dog Suit, something like what’s pictured above.  Then, we ran lines for a super complicated part of the show, which I’ll go over in another post.

That’s me up top in the lighter hat.

Wednesday we sang more of “Runnin’ Wild” again.  I got to have a break because the Principals were blocking part of the show.  Then, there was the promo shoot.   Now, during the last show, Young Frankenstein, I was a Principal (as Victor Frankenstein and The Hermit), and yet, I wasn’t in the photo shoot, so this was really exciting for me to be in the photos this time.

The “Family Shot”

Thursday’s rehearsal got cancelled because the vocal coach couldn’t make it (thank goodness).  So I went and got ice cream instead.

On Friday, we had a vocal review of the first act.  We ran through all of the songs in the first act and most of them sounded really good, some still need practice though.  We also did an overview of what’s to come in the second act, which we’ll work on next week.

My rehearsal on Saturday was cancelled, but other people had rehearsal, that I’m told is going to be just dance.  So I’m glad I won’t be going to that.

But that was my week, I hope you enjoyed this post, how was your week?  Have you had a photo shoot for something before?


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