Week 4, Where Nothing Really Happens (or So I Thought)

One of two unfinished murals that will be on set during the show.

Hello everyone, I’m not sure if it’s unprofessional to address my audience, but I can’t stop now, can I?  If I stop now, how else will I provide the much needed humor that keeps the one person who comments and reads my posts coming back (looking at you Sharp).  Now to get to telling you about what I did this week (which is nothing at all like what I did last week):

The most exciting thing that happened this week was the schedule changing a couple of hours before Monday rehearsal started, which was kind of pointless because apparently our choreographer didn’t get the memo, because she didn’t show up to the guys dance rehearsal the was supposed to happen then.  We waited for about an hour before our stage manager, An Pham, told us she wasn’t coming.

On Tuesday, we blocked the show with ensemble this time which went generally considering most of the people in the show weren’t in a SBHS show before, unless time travel or something like that.  We blocked a couple of the earlier scenes.  O.K. so I wrote all of the previous text before Tuesday’s rehearsal, and something actually happened, our female lead, Camille Umoff who played Helen Sinclair, dropped out (four weeks in no less), because she had “conflicts that she didn’t know about” (yeah, right).  Rehearsal was almost cancelled because Otto was so angry.  She didn’t even tell him in person, it was all over email.  So, something did happen this week.

Finished Tommy Gun prop.

Wednesday was a dancing and blocking day.  We added a more to “T’aint Nobody’s Business”, which has been the only dance the guys have worked on so far (the Atta-Girls have choreographed “Tiger Rag” and “We’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead”.  Then we blocked almost the rest of the show.

Waiting to be painted.

Thursday was a heavy serving of vocal coach, with a side of blocking (I’m really trying to change it up here guys).  We practically finished blocking the show, sans ensemble, we still haven’t done the end of Act 1, “Runnin’ Wild”.

On Friday, we did more vocal, and learned “Runnin’ Wild” for the first time, it’s a really hard song, probably the hardest in the show (whether that’s because it has the entire cast or there’s dialogue and solos throughout, I don’t know).

So, in conclusion to the roller coaster of fake-boredom and real-stress of this week, I just wanted to know how you guys felt about people dropping shows?  Have you had to drop out for some reason before?


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