Week 3 of Bullets Over Broadway and Blocking the Show

Welcome back to the blog, I hope you enjoy the lack of content I’ll be posting this week. I sure hope this week will be fun, because if you couldn’t tell or didn’t know what I meant (blocking means putting together scenes), we are blocking parts of the show this week (specifically on Monday and Tuesday).  On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I have vocal rehearsals.

View from the balcony of the theater as the set starts to get put together.

On Monday, while blocking the show, I got two extra lines I didn’t have before, so now I have a few lines in the show, which is more than most other people will get during BOB.   We blocked most of the first act, except for the parts with ensemble, the end of it, and without our set built (it’s a huge set, I may do a post about it soon).  It was really fun, because I got to see everyone start to get into character.

On Tuesday I had to do some dance with Christina, but whenever Otto needed me (or Elvis, as we usually share the stage), he called us over and we performed the scenes we were in.  We blocked the rest of the show, again, without ensemble or a full set.

A short music theory lesson during vocal rehearsal.

On Wednesday, we cemented some songs we had already sort-of learned (T’aint a Fit Night Out and Tiger Rag), and we learned some new ones too (T’aint Nobody’s Business and The Hot Dog Song).  The cool thing about “Bullets Over Broadway” is that most of the songs are from the 20s, for instance, “T’aint Nobody’s Business” is by Billie Holiday and was released in 1922.

On Thursday, we had another coaching segment from the vocal teacher, which was much better than last week’s.  Maybe that’s because it felt shorter, but I don’t really know.

Jon Nathan and the boys of BOB singing “T’aint a Fit Night Out”

On Friday we tried to fit the entire cast into the vocal room for a full-on vocal review.  It was actually the first time since the first couple of days that we had the entire cast into one room. It was . . . ok? I guess?  A couple people got yelled at because they were talking, and because our vocal director has a short temper (oops).



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