Week 2 of Bullets Over Broadway and the Dreaded Parent Meeting

Well I had a great weekend, what a wonderful diving board to jump off of into the pit of utter despair that is high school. *sigh*  You know how you get a break that’s longer than two days and then you get back to school and your feelings become an atom bomb dropping onto Hiroshima? (Too soon?) So now I’m back, here goes:

So I had been told I had two rehearsals this week, but an emergency vocal rehearsal was announced on Wednesday an hour before it started, dance and vocal on Thursday, and just vocal on Friday.  On Wednesday, there was also a meeting with all the parents and actors that’s was so so so so so so so fun. (If you can’t tell, each “so” is another level of sarcasm, a little unnecessary perhaps, but that’s how I feel)

img_1896Before the parent meeting, we had a short vocal rehearsal that was mostly uneventful.  The parent meeting happened and, yeah, that’s really all that can be said.  In a nut shell we introduced the new actors to the theater scene (12 out of the 39 people in the show are new), we went over the finances of the show, the costumes, the rehearsal schedule, and the music.  We talked about logistics, getting into character, what the set will look like (pictured above and below), and other rudimentary production stuff.  img_1897

Thursday we had a guys-only dance rehearsal and a vocal coaching meeting.  The dancing was really fun, there was a lot of lifts and acrobatics, the vocal coach on the other hand was not.  After the vocal rehearsal, I got lectured by the coach, which was great (and also not my fault, but whatever).  So I’m going to focus on dance.  We worked on “T’aint Nobody’s Buisness if I Do”, we practiced a small segment of the dance, because it’s a really long tap number.

On Friday, we worked on more dance and some songs from the show, the opening number, “Tiger Rag”, and a great number called “T’aint a Fit Night Out”.  I have a feeling they’ll be really fun once we get some choreography for them.img_1892

Yeah, that was my week, I hope you guys had a good one.  How did it go?


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