Porgy and Bess and The First Week of Rehearsal

This week has been pretty eventful, with a jazz opera called Porgy and Bess, Valentine’s Day, and the read-through and subsequent dance and vocal rehearsals of “Bullets Over Broadway”.

Porgy and Bess was originally an opera put on stage in the 1930s.  Porgy and Bess was originally notable for being the first show on Broadway to feature an almost completely African-American cast.  The show has had many different adaptions, the one I saw was a jazz revival set in the 60s.  My thoughts on this are completely opinion, and if you want to see a different one, check out my friend Elvis’ blog at sbtheaterculture.wordpress.com.  I, personally thought the history was the only cool part of it, I thought that most of the actors weren’t great (or weren’t into it, and I don’t know which is worse), and few could sing very well.  There were only a few good songs, and most were in the second act, so by then I was already tired of it.  The set was a little bit too minimalist, the mics were too quiet, an alarm went off in the back of the theater in the first act, and one of the lights right next to where I was sitting was sparking the entire time they had a “rain” effect during the show.  It wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t like it that much.

img_1883Another thing that happened this week was the cast list, read-through, and first rehearsals of “Bullets Over Broadway”.  I got a small role in the show, as Rocco, a mob boss’ body guard.  Elvis also got in and is Aldo, a bodyguard.  On Monday, we did a full read-through of the show, with all of the 39 people who were in the cast.  On Tuesday, there was a rehearsal for the “Atta-Girls”, a dance troop in the show which I am not a part of.  On Wednesday, rehearsal was cancelled.  On Thursday, there was a vocal rehearsal with our new vocal coach, we worked on different vocal techniques.  We didn’t have rehearsal on Friday, because we didn’t have school.

img_1888-1So that was my week, how was yours, did you see any shows? Have rehearsal? Comment below if you want to talk about it.


1 thought on “Porgy and Bess and The First Week of Rehearsal”

  1. Lovely and engaging blog. Really truthful and in depth about high school theatre. Just the right amount of hyperbole and intense sarcasm.


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