Auditions for Bullets Over Broadway!

img_1867  At Santa Barbara High School (hereafter abbreviated as SBHS because that’s too many words) the theatre department has three shows per year.  Auditions for the third one are this week.  “Bullets Over Broadway” was a movie released in 1994 and directed by Woody Allen, it won one Oscar (best supporting actress for Diane Wiest) and was nominated for six others (Best Supporting Actor for Chazz Palminteri, Best Supporting Actress for Jennifer Tilly, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Art and Set Direction, and Best Costume Design).  So yeah, it’s supposedly a pretty good movie.  The broadway musical based off the movie opened in 2014, that year, it won one Tony (Best Costume Design of a Musical) and was nominated for five others (Best Featured Actor in a Musical for Nick Cordero, Best Scenic Design of a Musical, Best Costume Design of a Musical, Best Choreography, and Best Orchestrations). So yeah, again, a good musical.img_1870

Bullets Over Broadway is about a struggling playwright who can only find one person to fund his new show, a mob boss with a talent-less girlfriend who has one condition, she has to be in the play.  The show follows the reluctant changes that are made to the show as an aging diva, a compulsive eater, and lots of gangsters get added to the show.

For our callbacks, we had to sing 32 bars from a song written during the 20s-30s, I sang “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, a song written in 1937, but popularized by Frank Sinatra in the 50s.  We sang our songs in front of our vocal instructor, Sio Tepper, who worked on “Hair” last year and “Young Frankenstein” for our fall show this year, the musical director, Jon Nathan, who has worked with SBHS theatre for about four years, our costume designer, Bonnie Thor, who has also been here for four years, and finally, our director, Otto Layman, who just had his 20 year anniversary last year.  After we sang, we went into a different room and had a small dance audition with our choreographer, Christina McCarthy. who has worked with Otto for countless shows and is the interim Head of Dance at UCSB.  Personally, I thought I did pretty well with my audition, but I won’t know until the cast list goes up.

Have you auditioned for a show before? What was your best/worst audition ever, leave a comment below and maybe I’ll tell you about mine.img_1868


7 thoughts on “Auditions for Bullets Over Broadway!”

  1. Drewes, my man! Lit AF blog post. on fleek. In all seriousness though, its quite interesting to hear the process of a theater production here, especially because It can help convince people to join the shows, though *cough* I’m not sure you actually want that *cough*.


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