Week 2 of Bullets Over Broadway and the Dreaded Parent Meeting

Well I had a great weekend, what a wonderful diving board to jump off of into the pit of utter despair that is high school. *sigh*  You know how you get a break that's longer than two days and then you get back to school and your feelings become an atom bomb dropping onto Hiroshima?… Continue reading Week 2 of Bullets Over Broadway and the Dreaded Parent Meeting


Porgy and Bess and The First Week of Rehearsal

This week has been pretty eventful, with a jazz opera called Porgy and Bess, Valentine's Day, and the read-through and subsequent dance and vocal rehearsals of "Bullets Over Broadway". Porgy and Bess was originally an opera put on stage in the 1930s.  Porgy and Bess was originally notable for being the first show on Broadway… Continue reading Porgy and Bess and The First Week of Rehearsal

Auditions for Bullets Over Broadway!

 At Santa Barbara High School (hereafter abbreviated as SBHS because that's too many words) the theatre department has three shows per year.  Auditions for the third one are this week.  "Bullets Over Broadway" was a movie released in 1994 and directed by Woody Allen, it won one Oscar (best supporting actress for Diane Wiest) and… Continue reading Auditions for Bullets Over Broadway!